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Scary Statistics this Halloween

Scary Statistics this Halloween

It's the time of the year for sharing scary stories and we have gathered together a few of our own. The world of recruitment can be scary at times so get under the covers and prepare yourself for 5 recruitment horror stories.  


Don’t become a horror story

Over 60% of us share recruitment horror stories with our friends and family – everything from a bad application process to a negative environment in the workplace. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to impress the candidate and making the recruitment process one that is flawless, effective and rewarding and not a Halloween horror story.


Candidates may even deter others from applying

Worse still, if a candidate has experienced a negative application process there is a 30% chance they may tell others and actively warn them to stay away from your business. And as we know, if you’re haunted by a bad reputation it’s not so easy to get rid of a ghost like that!


Stamp out those gremlins before they become a problem

If your employee is not happy in their role then the chances are you’re not getting the best out of them. Ensure the communication channels are open and they feel comfortable and safe to exorcise any demons before they become a problem for both of you. A happy and satisfied employee is a productive employee.


Your brand is your everything

Be mindful that your employee can easily get tempted over to the dark side – your competition. Is your competition’s brand a ‘safer bet’ for them? Most employees can be tempted away by the promise of better hours, better pay or a better working environment so make sure you’re ticking all the boxes and that you remain the most attractive option for them.


Catch them while you can

Whilst it’s important to take time making your decision to hire the right person, ensure you don’t take too long as they may be offered another opportunity. Ensure your systems are slick and effective and that you place the right candidate in good time.

Our hard working and friendly team ensure that all applicants are treated with respect and are fully informed all the way through the process. We pride ourselves in finding the right people for the right jobs and not treating people as ‘just a number’. Our recruitment process is fast and personal and all candidates will meet a real person face to face.

So if you’re looking for staff, whether it’s to grow your team, get you through the Christmas rush or just to fill in a gap then contact us today for a no obligation chat.

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