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5 Ways We Can Help Your Business Grow

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5 Ways We Can Help Your Business Grow

We'll help you grow (even in Autumn!)

We know that the path to growing your team is not always an easy one but with a little bit of help you can reach that next step. Here at S&L Personnel we ensure that we offer our customers the 5 following things to help them grow their teams:
We're dedicated to finding you the perfect Candidate and meet every single one of them - because why wouldn't we? After all, if they're not good enough for us then they're not good enough for you.
There's no smoke and mirrors here as we believe in providing an honest service. If somebody doesn't fit the bill - we will tell you rather than sending you the wrong Candidate.
Right from your first contact with us to the Candidate's first day - we will deliver an excellent and knowledgeable service.

Whatever your concerns, whatever your questions, our friendly team are here for you to ensure the recruitment process runs as smoothly as possible.
And finally - we know how to build a great team. We've been doing it for years and have the confidence that we can help your business grow.

Top tips on how to grow your business (part 2)

Last time we gave you part one of our ‘top tips to grow your business’

1. Define and refine

Take some time to analyse your target customers and drill down to a niche market within this group – it will mean your voice is louder than your competition’s as you can speak directly to them, offering solutions to their problems.

2. Don’t over spend!

Whilst it’s tempting to throw money at a variety of potential solutions, be careful where you spend your money and ensure that you can increase your chances of a good ROI

3. Diversify Your Products or Services.

Does your product sell well throughout the year or are there peaks and troughs? Is there any way you can diversify your product or service or capitalise on events throughout the year such as Christmas or Valentines Day? By thinking carefully you may be able to identify a gap in the market during your quitest period.

4. Franchise

If you have a good idea, then franchising could be your best bet. There are endless stories of entrepreneurs who have franchised their small business and become a success. Think, do you have a system that could be replicated by others to ensure success?

5. Exporting

Whilst not appropriate for everyone, expanding into international markets can boost your business faster than anything else, introducing you to a whole new market and set of opportunities. It takes a lot of time and effort but if your product has international potential, then just go for it!

We hope you have found the above tips useful and inspiring. Why not share your top tips to growing your business on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page? Look out for part two…

Top tips on how to grow your business (part 1)

Top tips on how to grow your business (part 1)

Growing your business isn’t always easy but is a necessity for your business’ survival. But how do you transform your existing business into the empire you envision? The below growth strategies have worked successfully with other businesses and can work for yours with some careful planning. Read part one below.

1. Target your existing customers.

To grow your business you need more new customers, correct? Well, yes and no. Your existing customers are an important group to target as these are already buying from you and have bought into your brand. So ask yourself if there are any ways you can possibly up sell or cross sell to your existing customer group and also encourage them to refer you to their contacts.

2. Ask for Referrals

Whilst we mention referrals, it’s important to never underestimate their power. But don’t just expect them to happen, actively ask for them to make them happen. During or after every sale ensure you ask your customer if they know of anyone else who could be interested in your service and even give them incentive to refer on. Nothing beats word of mouth.

3. Evolve

Can your product or service be used for anything else or somehow innovated? By doing this you potentially reach new markets and pique new interest. Think about the versatility of a product such as Sellotape and how few of these would be sold if it were only good for taping one thing.

4. Explore new territory

Opening a shop in a new location, engaging on a new social media platform or advertising in selective and specific media can all extend your reach so never be afraid to enter unchartered waters as you may just find some treasure!

5. Trade Shows

Whilst we’re on the subject of being specific, trade shows are a great way to engage with your target customers as they draw in people who are already interested in your product meaning that half the battle is already won. Ensure you choose carefully, thinking about your target demographic and product with the best profit margins.
We hope you have found the above tips useful and inspiring. Why not share your top tips to growing your business on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page? Look out for part two…